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Antonia Franceschi is a Time Out Award Winner for Outstanding Achievement In Dance and is an alumni of The New York City Ballet, selected by George Balanchine. 

Works have been created for her by Balanchine, Robbins, Martins, Lubovitch, Baldwin, McGregor, Clarke, Armitage, Phillips, and van Laast. As a young dancer, while still in high school, she starred in the films Fame and Grease. Before joining NYCB, she danced in Makarova and Company and was partnered by Sir Anthony Dowell.

She recently choreographed Dr. Semmelweis to five star critical acclaim and sold-out audiences at London’s Harold Pinter Theatre, directed by Tom Morris co-written by Mark Rylance and Stephen Brown starring Mr Rylance.


 ‘The use of ballet dancers is equally moving: they dance as a young woman dies in childbirth – and this is not sentimental, it ambushes you (the fabulous choreography is by Antonia Franceschi)’ -- The Guardian

She choreographed Othello directed by van Kampen for The Globe Theatre as well as Idaspe for Pittsburgh's Byham Theater, Quantum Theater and Chatham Baroque, and was movement director at The Park Theatre, director van Kampen,.

Recently she danced in Jess and Morgs film “An Evening With Taglioni”, as Taglioni.

Franceschi created and produced New York Ballet Stars performing at The Queen Elizabeth and Royal Festival Halls, touring both The Harrogate and Sintra Festivals. She was an advisor for the programming at The South Bank Center for five years.

She has choreographed extensively for British and American companies.


Franceschi has been a judge on BBC's Young Dancer competition. She was invited by Boris Charmatz to dance in Musée De La Dance at the Tate Modern. Franceschi has taught and teaches The Royal Ballet, The New York City Ballet, Rambert Dance, DV8, Juilliard, Alvin Ailey, the Joffrey Ballet School, and the Rambert School, among others. 

The Soho Theatre performed her play Up From The Waste, directed by Nancy Meckler (London’s West End Four Stars, Telegraph). She received a grant for POP8 for The Lion and Unicorn Theatre, where she collaborated with Mark Baldwin, Zoe Martlew, and Ballet Black. Franceschi was interviewed for the book Balanchine, Then and Now, and has been a guest on Woman's Hour.

She was the Associate Choreographer for Arlene Philips duet for Candoco, and the Rehearsal Director for The Royal Opera Houses’ Other Stories with Wendy Whelan and Edward Watson.

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