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So 2020 started with a wonderful bang! I was on a plane to London to cast an upcoming play Semmelwiess for Bristol Old Vic, as well as rehearsing a new ballet commissioned by The New York Theater Ballet for February, my second collaboration with the brilliant Claire Van Kampen. Uncaged. A ballet based on Lee Krasner’s Night Journey paintings. In March I worked for the first time at The Guthrie Theater on a new play which was amazing again. THEN……Corona hit us all and I decided to keep myself sane and make my home into a studio and invite my beautiful dancers from around the world to join. This has been a dream within a cloud of uncertainty. We have collaborated and are in the middle of making a shot short film together. Watch this space.

My summer of rehearsals and teaching in both Sweden and London have been postponed…so watch this page! Please take care.


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